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You need a private practice that changes lives and sustains your own. Change starts here and now! Take our private practice challenge - a self paced 5 part series with downloads and support to help you kick off revolutionizing your private practice with better outcomes and a higher income. 

Look at your calendar right now. What would it would be like to have a more effective business and marketing plan to reach the people who need you? 5 weeks from today you could have better outcomes and a better balance in your life and work. Click below to join, get started, and take action today. 

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5 weeks. 5 lessons. 5 skills to improve your clinical outcomes while you build and grow your practice. It all starts now!

#1: Private Practice Vision

It's time to reach for your dreams! We are going to show you how to create a vision for your practice, one that will inform every single business, clinical and life decision you make moving forward. This is a powerful training that you don't want to miss!

#2: Private Practice Fees

You want a private practice that is going to sustain you and your clients for a long time. Say goodbye to asking what all your colleagues are charging and hello to a clear formula for setting your fees. You will walk away understanding why fee setting is clinically impactful and how to do it with confidence and clarity!

#3: Private Practice Niche

Therapy works and you want to share the transformation with every person who walks through the door. In this training you will learn the power of niche, it's impact on the client, on you, and on your clinical outcomes. Learn the steps to identifying your niche as well!

#4: Private Practice Marketing

You've got a message for your community and it requires you being visible. Learn about what makes marketing plans in private practice soar and what makes them flop. Walk away with your next steps to be seen, heard and to help others get the best clinical outcomes!

#5: Private Practice LAUNCH PARTY!

We will end our challenge with a Launch Party! This training will tie together what we've covered so far and inspire you to make a change in the world, improve your income, and get the best clinical outcomes!

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Who's behind this challenge?

Hey! We are Kelly + Miranda, the founders of ZynnyMe and the co-creators of the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists. We are both therapists who have built successful private practices, and have coached thousands of therapists around the globe on how to start, build and expand their private practices.

We want to show you that buidling a private practice not only helps transforms the lives of your clients, but it can have a positive impact on your own! We want you to have a life outside of your work! We can't wait to show you how!


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the trainings? The trainings are 1 hour long and you can watch them whenever it works for you!

Where are the trainings? You can attend the training from anywhere in the world with just your WiFi and laptop or smartphone. Once you sign up you will be sent the link to attend!

Who can attend? These trainings are for anyone who wants to start, is building or is expanding a private practice. We have more than mental health professionals attend and all are welcome!

Are these different from past trainings? YES! Each one has been updated and it's new content with the same underlying message - treat your business like a business.

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