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What is Business School for Therapists by zynnyme?

Business School by zynnyme is a one-year, interactive, video-based training program that teaches smart, effective, and life-giving marketing, business, and clinical strategies for practice owners who want an income that supports their life while making an impact on their clients.

Whether you're brand-new to private practice or already established and ready to grow, it's designed to turn your business into a sustainable, purpose-driven space where your soul is nourished, you solidify your financial future, and you change lives -- all while being self-employed.


"My client base doubled, and my profit actually quadrupled within the first few months after Business School."

Katherine, LMFT and Business School Alum

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How does Business School for Therapists work?

Our lessons are dripped out over the first two weeks of your enrollment in Modules that build on one another. Each contains easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, scripts, resource lists, and worksheets. All of the training is online inside a private, Business Schoolers-only site accessible on all devices.

During working sessions (four weeks per year), Kelly and Miranda will answer each and every question you have about your private practice or your process to creating your happy life and dream business.

For more information on zynnyme's Business School for Therapists, visit the Program Tour here.

Is Business School for Therapists right for me?

If you want to improve your clinical outcomes, income, and quality of life, this program is for you.

Our members fit into one of these four categories:

Joanne, BSB Alumna
Polina, BSB Alumna
Ibi, BSB Alumna
Yolana and Shamon, BSB Alumni
Joanne's Story

Pre-licensed and ready

You're not licensed yet, but you know that agency and nonprofit life isn't what you want out of your career.

Just starting out

You're a new practice owner but don't really know what to do next and how to reach your full potential.

Building and growing

You're already in practice, but you're struggling with your time, income, or client base and need support.

Ready to expand

You're already doing well in practice, but it's about time for your business to grow even more or expand into a group.

Who teaches the Business School?

Business School for Therapists is led by Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer, two Marriage and Family Therapists and Private Practice Experts dedicated to changing the mental health field so that clinicians and clients alike can thrive.

The program also has over 10 guests with expert trainings, including court policies, accounting and finance, billing, documentation, intersectionality in practice, and more.

And you'll even have the opportunity to work with the zynnyme support team in the community!

When is enrollment for Business School for Therapists?

Enrollment for Business School for Therapists opens this fall 2022!

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How much does Business School for Therapists cost? Do you have any payment plans?

The investment for the Business School program is $1,950. We also offer a payment plan of 6 monthly payments of $375.

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