Therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and healers:

Your group practice is established, but it's become way too hard to maintain.

Revamp, revise, and grow your group practice to enjoy life and work again.

Business School for Therapists

Your group practice should be a transformational experience for your practice's clients, your employees, and you!

Therapist working on a laptop

You didn't sign up to spend your days micromanaging others, haggling with clients and insurance companies about money, bogged down in paperwork, or living paycheck to paycheck. Nor did you think sustaining a successful group practice and having a decent paycheck would mean working crazy hours and never getting real time to rest and recharge.

Your work is needed. Your work is powerful.

You (and your employees) are the product being sold. You need to take care of and value yourself in the way you'd care for a child or a priceless artifact. There's only one you, and you're SO needed on this planet.

Here's the Truth About Creating a Sustainable, Successful Group Practice:

Until you fully step into your role as the business owner, get clear with your vision, and develop a solid plan, your group practice won’t thrive, and you won't find the ease you need to sustain your passion long-term. And, worse, your client outcomes will suffer. 

It's okay, we get it. We've helped thousands of practice owners who:

  • Expanded from successful solo to group practice and realized it needed VERY different skills and strategies. You’re filled with knowledge on the clinical and the business, but it's hard to convey that to your entire team without burning yourself out.
  • Have been constantly stressed out, and it’s greatly affecting life and relationships. It's hard to help clients and employees achieve awesome "ah ha!" moments when you’re exhausted working 50+ hours a week.
  • Don’t feel confident they're making the right choices when it comes to the group practice. You've tried doing a bunch of research, taken a few business courses, enrolled in memberships... but nothing seems to apply to your situation and ease your stress. You still feel completely lost!
  • Feel tired of doing this alone and want to enjoy being a business owner. You're ready and willing to do the work and dig down deep but you want to do it in an environment that inspires and delights you!

Imagine a world where you don't have to worry and stress...

  • You have a group practice that fully sustains you. You have a great work/life balance, the freedom to do the clinical work you love (if you want to), time for creative work and passion projects, and your business runs like a well-oiled machine.
  • You have a schedule that's filled (or as filled as you want) with your ideal clients and employees, and you have the time and energy to give them the best care imaginable. You're helping people daily and feel like you're finally fulfilling your purpose!
  • You consider yourself successful. Whether that means you've hit a financial target or achieved the ever-elusive work/life balance, you're living the life YOU want to live.
  • You feel confident! You have a solid plan for your group practice and the skills to execute it with ease. No more second-guessing choices or spending hours on research. You got this!

You don't know what to do to make this easier...

But here's the good news:

We've helped therapists from around the world walk through every aspect of turning a group practice into a sustainable, expansive dream practice. We can help you, too!

In fact, successful therapists who join Business School for Therapists with FULL group practices say they WISH they'd done this years ago -- that's how life-changing this is!

You aren't just filling up your calendar; you're developing a sustainable business!

And running a business that's focused on helping people is a skillset of its own. Your work in community mental health, agencies, and even other practices may have even given you a lot of models of what NOT to do.

That's okay... We've got you!

BSB Love

We've been helping therapists just like you revamp and expand beyond the couch since 2010 in big cities, rural areas, and on multiple continents. We've helped those doing coaching, consulting, groups, marriage therapy, child therapy, and every other niche you can imagine.

Most importantly, we'll help you implement step-by-step strategies for your dream practice. You deserve a streamlined, happy, and thoughtful practice that makes a big impact on you and your clients! We'll walk you through exactly what small (and big) changes your business needs to be TRULY successful! Imagine when someone asks about your business and you say, "It's my rock-solid dream practice!" and mean it!

What Is Business School for Therapists?

Business School is a year-long online business training system with LIFETIME ACCESS + a private community that helps therapists (like you) learn EVERYTHING you need to know about running a successful private practice focused on serving clients and getting amazing outcomes in the real world. (You know, all the stuff you wish they taught you in grad school!)

We teach you the who, what, where, how, and why of everything you'll need to create a client-centered, financially and emotionally sustainable practice.

The Business School program is developed around the way therapists just like you make the best progress possible. It includes concise teaching on what works, personalized coaching, a built-in online community, ongoing accountability, and time to pause, reflect, and take a deeper dive into making more progress!

Unlike generic business coaches, we're therapists ourselves and have run our own successful practices! Everything we teach is specifically geared toward therapists, social workers, coaches, and other healing professionals. From how to specifically structure a client-centric business model to the legal nitty-gritty details of being a practice owner, you learn everything you NEED to know without the superficial fluff.

Because, seriously, who has time to learn stuff they don’t need? Definitely not therapists!

You're not expected to learn every single detail of being a great business owner, private practice therapist, marketer, and employer in a few weeks or months. This lifetime program allows you to make MAJOR change in a short timeframe while giving you the space and opportunities to become an expert over the long term.

Who Are We?

Hey there! Kelly and Miranda here. We’re two therapists who've built successful, low-stress, cash-pay private practices. Miranda created her practice during the last great recession, and Kelly built hers in an area supersaturated with therapists. Since then, we've shifted our focus to helping mental health professionals all around the world do the same!

Why do we do this work?  

We struggled to find reliable information to help build our practices. There were trainings out there, but they were either outdated or not applicable to us. The content was one-size-fits-all (and we know that trying to meet every clinician's needs with the same old content simply doesn't work!).

Business School for Therapists began because we know, firsthand, that getting the business side of your practice on track will make you an even better therapist. We've spent over a decade putting our souls into this program, compiling the most useful information, and creating fool-proof processes to help you succeed AND thrive in practice.

What we love about our work is helping therapists like you fulfill their purpose, be the best clinician they can be, and make a life-changing impact on every client they meet.

  • You help me find my strengths, develop them, and flesh them out and you definitely give more in education, availability, knowledge, and ethical practices than the cost to us."  
  • Working with you [two] is an effective and deep combination of "You are good enough" and "Get S*** Done!" I feel like you hold my hand when I am too scared to step on the field...but still walk me to it and then cheer while I win the gameby myself." 
  • Working with either of you for even an hour is like taking a hundred hours of coursework/experience and condensing it into a manageable, doable bite! ❤️"  

You spent HOW MUCH on your degree and training and still can't sustain your group practice without working 50+ hours a week? That's NOT okay!

For the cost of less than ONE course in grad school, you can change your financial future.

Learn the skills you really need to flourish in this profession, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and no longer worry about how to get the phone ringing or be in a state of panic when the tax bill comes in.

Cyndi Doyle, LPC-S from Denton, TX was a "successful" therapist with a full group practice that was packing her schedule to the gills. Listen to what she learned and how her life changed for her and her employees through Business School for Therapists. She also shares how it gave her time and space to give to her Beyond the Couch creative ideas.

A Quick Overview of What You'll Learn

Business School for Therapists covers EVERYTHING you need to thrive in practice and sustain a healthy, happy business where there's an abundance of joy and income!


We'll help you create your ideal, sustainable, energizing, and profitable private practice plan that allows you to have a balanced, joyful life. 

  • Do you have a vision that truly energizes and inspires you and fits within your lifestyle, desires, and responsibilities? 
  • Is your vision one that truly meets the needs of your clients and the people in your community? 
  • Do you feel fulfilled as a business owner and KNOW your practice deeply impacts the world? 
  • Do you feel excited about living out your perfect day as a business owner and have a day-to-day reality that gets you excited to work on your business?


We'll help you confidently convert clients and have money conversations with ease and teach you the skills to train any staff or clinicians you hire to do the same. 

  • Can you and your staff convert private-pay clients with ease when they call for services? 
  • Are you able to charge your full fee with confidence? 
  • Are you at least 90% of your clients are your full fee? 
  • Do you have a no-show and late cancellation fee that you charge with ease? 
  • Do your intake and onboarding processes improve retention and successful outcomes with your clients? 
  • Do you have clear procesess throughout your business that create ease clinically, financially, and adminstratively? 
  • Do you feel confident about your documentation and the way you handle court subpoenas?


We'll help you create a sustainable schedule that leaves time and energy for a personal life and ensures you have financial security.

  • Are you clear about your weekly business and clinical schedule with clear time to work both in and ON your business? 
  • Do you easily handle all the tasks in your business easily prepared for what is coming monthly, quarterly, and annually? 
  • Is there energy and time in your schedule for not only your clinical work but also for your relationships and activities that you enjoy in your life? 
  • Do you know how to adjust your schedule with ease when life circumstances require a change in your business?
  •  Does your schedule allow for your best clinical work? 
  • Are you regularly assessing so you can elimiate, automate, and outsource tasks in your business so you find more ease and sustainability?


We'll help you create a real financial plan for your business that makes it clear what money is going back into your pocket after taxes, expenses, and future plans. 

  • Does your current fee take into account taxes, expenses and future plans? 
  • Can you easiiy pay your taxes and feel completely prepared for them? 
  • Do you have processes for assessing and adjusting your fees with ease? 
  • Are you giving back in ways that are sustainable for you and your business? 
  • Do you have a fee that supports your well being as a clinician? 
  • Do you feel confident talking about money and finances with your clients, your CPA, and with trusted individuals?

Your Message

We'll help you create a compelling message that deeply connects with your ideal clients and inspires them to call and schedule. 

  • Do you know the words your ideal clients searches on google and how many searches there are per month for what you provide? 
  • Do you know the words your ideal clients uses to describe their experience so you can integrate that into a message that meets them where they are at? 
  • Do you know your unique strengths as a therapist and can you easily put those into words that your ideal clients resonate with? 
  • Do you have a compelling marketing message that your ideal clients report felt like it was speaking directly to them when they call? 
  • Do you have clients calling saying how your message resonated with them deeply?

Your Website

We'll help you create a website that gets found consistently by your ideal clients, helps them make the decision to call, and prepares them for therapy with you to have the best outcomes possible. 

  • Do you have a website that ideal clients that have never heard of you can easily find when searching for services (not using your name?) 
  • Does your website bring you ideal, committed clients how know your fee, your schedule, and who are ready to get great outcomes wtih you on a daily or weekly basis? 
  • Do you know how to tweak your website to get better clients calling more frequently, and even how to easily turn on and off the funnel of clients when you are full so you can stop spending so much time on the phone? 
  • Is your website accessible to those who find you?

Your Marketing Plan

We'll help you create your unique marketing plan needed to reach your ideal private practice vision. 

  • Do you know how clients find you in particular and where your time is best used? 
  • Do you have an automated way of getting referrals that doesn't require your physical or virtual presence?
  • Do you know short-term and long-term strategies to bring clients to you and set your practice up for what's next (book writing, courses, etc.) 
  • Do you know how to use your strengths to customize your marketing approach? 
  • Do you know how to get the phone ringing quickly without paying a dime for your marketing?


We'll help you take your power back and only accept insurance plans that meet both your needs and your ideal client's needs. 

  • Are you only accepting insurance contracts that truly fit your financial plan, negotatiing for raises, and knowing you can live with or without the plans?
  • Do you know how to attract private pay clients and convert them with ease? 
  • Do you know how to create and implement a plan to withdraw from plans that don't fit your financial or scheduling needs? 
  • Do you have an easy way to work with and manage insurance contracts that you choose to keep so you aren't spending your life on hold?

What are the 2022 Dates?

Here's the Schedule at a Glance for the 2022 Cohort

Jump Into the Program at Your Own Pace

Get started as soon as you enroll! You get instant access to the beginning of the program (the rest will be unlocked within the first two weeks to reduce overwhelm) so you can start moving through at your own preferred pace. We'll teach you the quick, hands-on techniques to get clients in, while you implement longer-term strategies you can eventually set and forget as they're established in your practice.

Want to See Specific Days and Times for All Live Events?

Here's the full schedule of all upcoming events in the Google Calendar so you can see when all things Business School for Therapists happen. A little note: You can pick and choose what to attend and what works best for you based on your personality and learning style!

Two-Week Fall Working Session
October 10th - October 21st, 2022

Two weeks of support like you've never had, and the direction you need as you dig into your business. Includes 30-minute Focus Sessions (Mondays through Thursdays at 8am PT), 90-minute Q&A Calls (Fridays at 9:30am PT and 2 pm PT -- choose what works best for you!), AND daily Q&As with personal attention from our team of private practice coaches, including Kelly & Miranda.

Implementation Time
Ongoing as Needed

Start implementing the plan you developed in your first Working Session, gather the data, be accountable to the support network you've created, and then come back to dive even deeper!

Two-Week Spring Working Session
More Details TBA for Spring 2023

Two weeks of support like you've never had, and the direction you need as you dig into your business. Includes 30-minute Focus Sessions (Mondays through Thursdays at 8am PT), 90-minute Q&A Calls (Fridays at 9:30am PT and 2 pm PT -- choose what works best for you!), AND daily Q&As with personal attention from our team of private practice coaches, including Kelly & Miranda.

Lifetime Access to the Program
Once a Member, Always a Member

You're invited to join us EVERY year, benefit from updated materials, and attend ANY future Working Session.

You’ve heard the hype, watched the case studies, and your friends and colleagues are trying to convince you to join, so you're starting to get excited, too!

And then you wonder... How does all this work? Will this really make a difference in MY life and MY schedule?

The schedule for zynnyme's Business School for Therapists is FLEXIBLE! You have TIME to develop the practice and life you dream of and that you deserve.

This is a self-paced program, and while there's a lot to do, there's no real fear of missing out because everything except the Mixers is recorded AND you have lifetime access! So that means you have access to the material year-round — not just 4 weeks a year.

You can work it into your schedule and go at your own pace, whether that means knocking it out in three weeks while on vacation or making slow, steady progress. No matter what pace works for your situation, your future self will thank you for getting started and making the change!

When does the Business School for Therapists experience start?

The short answer to this question is: It starts as soon as you join. As soon as you enroll, you get immediate access to all of the course content and the community, so you can begin taking the steps your business needs with the support of the awesome community on whatever schedule works for you.

We recommend you plan to spend a minimum of 8 hours per month learning and taking action in your business. But, if you need change NOW and have the time, you could spend up to 20 hours every week (more than that could lead to burnout, so we strongly recommend you take breaks as you need them).

Then, once in Spring and once in Fall, we host a two-week Working Session with live calls and UNLIMITED Q&A assistance every day from private practice experts Kelly + Miranda.  Here's a full calendar of events!

And here's the longer answer: Business School for Therapists is a self-paced program with multiple live Working Sessions each year. The course content (over 400 lessons) is dripped out to you over the first two weeks after joining to reduce overwhelm. You'll be able to access it any time and anywhere with internet connection through your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The material is formatted to build on itself from module to module, and everyone starts at the beginning. Each module will challenge you to improve your life and your business, whether you’ve been successful for years or you're starting from scratch.

In the Spring and the Fall (twice per year), Kelly and Miranda host LIVE, two-week Working Sessions. This is a time to get energized, motivated, and connected with the community while receiving more personalized, specialized help with your practice.

Each two-week Working Session includes UNLIMITED daily Q&A in the classroom. Kelly and Miranda are online all day, every day (learn more about the schedule here) and will answer every single question posted in the community during this time period. Yes, every single one!

You’ll get personalized text and video reviews, critiques, and revisions of your marketing messages, reviews of pages on your website, help with your business plan blocks, market research assistance, and a whole lot more support as needed. You'll feel completely supported with as much individual attention and feedback as you can benefit from and implement.

During the Working Sessions, you’ll want to carve out two hours per day to work on the materials, ask questions and engage in community discussion, plus the LIVE video webinars. Outside of the live webinars, everything happens on YOUR schedule that works for you.

Live video webinars? Yes! Optional LIVE Focus Sessions are held Monday through Thursday, and LIVE Q&A Calls happen on Friday. You can hop on to the calls live in order to get your questions and concerns addressed in real-time, or you can submit your questions ahead of time and watch the recorded calls on your own schedule.

Business School for Therapists is also a LIFETIME ACCESS course, which means you get to attend the Working Sessions every single year and get ongoing support and coaching from Kelly and Miranda.

You won't be able to work through all of the content provided in just one two-week Working Session. It may take you multiple months or even years to touch on (or need) every single lesson. The program has been developed to meet you where you're at, challenge you, and grow with you. You may revisit some lessons multiple times (yearly, or even quarterly), and others you may need only once. As your practice pivots, so will your approaches, and you'll have access 24/7, 365 days a year to develop your practice with ease. 

So, what's the schedule? This program is what you make it! Set aside the time that works for your schedule to engage in material regularly and consistently. We'll be here to support you along the journey.

So... How Much?

Your lifetime access enrollment in Business School for Therapists will take you step-by-step through sustaining and growing your dream group practice, all for less than the cost of one certification or grad school class.

Save $300 



With just one payment (USD), you are good to go for the entire lifetime Business School for Therapists experience!
All live working sessions, personalized feedback, social media & marketing updates, live Q&As, and more included for life!

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Save Over Time!


$550 x 4

With four monthly payments (USD), you are good to go for the entire lifetime Business School for Therapists experience!
All live working sessions, personalized feedback, social media & marketing updates, live Q&As, and more included for life!

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Full Price 


$375 x 6

With six monthly payments (USD), you are good to go for the entire lifetime Business School for Therapists experience!
All live working sessions, personalized feedback, social media & marketing updates, live Q&As, and more included for life!

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Rotating white arrows on pink background

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What happens if you enroll and decide this program is NOT for you? All you have to do is send an email to and request a refund within 7 days of enrolling in the program. We'll refund your money no questions asked!

You Need Extra Support Right Now.

Check out these AWESOME bonuses to make sure you have exactly what you need, now and in the future!

Fast-Acting BONUS: Be one of the first 30 enrollees and receive a FREE 1-hour individual coaching session with a zynnyme coach and make even MORE progress in your business! If you see this message, there’s a coaching session for you if you sign up now!

Bonus #1: Gain Financial Confidence

When you started your group practice, you never knew how much you have to confront your issues around money and wrap your mind around your whole business's financial future. Your future includes business plans, marketing, new clients, and all the self-limiting head trash you have about money that's coming to the surface (if it hasn't already).

Gain access to a whole module to help you conquer these issues and get organized so you can have confidence when it comes to making financial decisions and know what your future looks like.

You'll dive into detailed lessons with Mary Beth, CFP @ Workable Wealth to take you from avoiding your bank balance to tracking your income with confidence. Plus, this module is eligible for 4 CEs!

$500 Value

Bonus #2: Insurance Revolution System

Do you need the confidence to drop those low-paying insurance plans that run you in circles? Have you spent the past months trying to balance the needs of clients, the directives of the government, and the directives of insurance companies telling you they won't pay if you move to telehealth?

Maybe you want to know you can ditch all the insurance companies to ensure you'll never again feel trapped between affording groceries, meeting clients' needs, and following government guidelines? That's okay, too!

Whether you want to have a hybrid practice or a fully private-pay model, you’ll be able to choose when and how to set boundaries with confidence. You'll know that your practice is sustainable and meets the needs of your clients.

$450 Value

Bonus #3: Conversations That Convert

There's a reason that some therapists schedule new weekly, full-pay committed clients with ease, and some end up haggling with every client that calls and have people in and out of therapy on a rotating basis. 

We'll teach you how to have great consultations that empower you to refer out clients that aren’t the right fit for your practice and schedule the right clients confidently. Learn how to ethically prime your clients to have the best outcomes and get buy-in for therapy before they even come into their first session.

And you'll even get scripts for your receptionist and team members to use to increase conversion rates and get more of the ideal-fit clients in your practice!

No matter who you serve, or what your practice looks like, we'll walk you through this process with video lessons and help you implement this script and get the right clients into your practice.

$1,000 Value

Bonus #4: Continuing Education Units

In partnership with, Business School for Therapists is eligible for up to 32 continuing education units. These 32 units are broken into 4-unit chunks, so you can create a CE schedule that works for you. When you're ready to get a CE certificate for the eligible modules, simply take a short quiz at Already going through a license renewal? Get your CEs on your own schedule!

PLUS we're providing you with a BONUS of not just 32 but 50 CE units you can use to get a certificate for Business School for Therapists or ANY of the trainings offered. Wondering if your license or state is covered? Click here and select your state on the map to see whether you're eligible to receive CEs for the trainings.

Even when buying CEs in bulk, this many units would cost you $300!

Is your state or license designation not covered? Or would you prefer to pay full price for CEs when you're ready to redeem them? Send us a note after you enroll in the program, and we'll send you a $50 Amazon gift card instead.

$300 Value

These bonuses ALONE are worth THOUSANDS before everything included in the Business School program!

The magic comes not just in how valuable any of these bonuses are on their own, but also how they cohesively tie into your ENTIRE business plan and vision for your practice. When there are options for you to choose from in your practice, you'll know exactly WHY you can do things differently AND have the guidance to discern what makes sense for your business. We're your coaches and guides -- now and in the future!

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Can Business School for Therapists Really Help My Group Practice (or Help It Expand)?

Created a Thriving Value-Based Practice That Easily Attracts Great Clinicians

Ginger from Farmington Hills, MI joined the program in 2018 burnt out from agency work as a director in nonprofit. She grabbed what she needed exactly when she needed it to create a niche and group practice that reflects her values and pays her and her team well. Three years in and she's still using the strategies and getting more out of them as her practice continues to grow and evolve.

Topics covered include: Group practice, burnout, healing, recruiting employees with ease.

From Unstable Private Practice to Thriving Group Practice

Melissa in St. George, UT joined Business School for Therapists in as a stressed-out private practice owner who was moving from office space to office space. She's now transitioned into a thriving group practice with clients she loves and signed a 3-year lease to serve her community from one location.

Topics covered include: Moving from private practice to group practice, office space, fee-setting, consultation scripts, community support.

Already Built a Successful Practice, Moved, and Had to Start Over

Kari Ann from Wethersfield, CT got clear on her identity as a helper, a manager, and a group practice owner. Business School for Therapists helped her get clear on her goals and got her life and work in balance again so she could grow with confidence.

Topics covered include: Group practice, addiction counselor, niche development, feeling anxious.

From a Successful Solo Practice to a Stressless Group Practice

Robyn from Laguna Hills, CA avoided group practice out of fear of how much work it would take only to find it was easier than she thought once she got started with guidance and trainings from Business School for Therapists. The Ultimate Private Practice Dashboard helped break things down so she could confidently grow (and understand the numbers behind it)!

Topics covered include: Niched group practice, steps to hiring, group practice, planning.

A Diverse Psychology Group Practice Aiming for a Slow Burn

Erika from Miami, FL had a group practice that was struggling after a bad hire and joined Business School for Therapists to figure out what it took to really create a sustainable business that made sense for her needs. She implemented the Business School process and now is able to plan more effectively for any change or shift.

Topics covered include: Group practice, niche, marketing, business planning.

From a Small Two-Person Group Practice to 13 Clinicians and Growing

Sherry from Riverside, CA went from a small two-person group to a powerhouse group practice. Business School for Therapists greatly impacted the growth and foundation of her practice and made it possible for her to grow in a sustainable manner. 

Topics covered include: Group practice, niche, marketing, business planning.

Shifted from Solo Practice to Full Private-Pay Group Practice

Tabitha in Wake Forest, NC shared her story of shifting from a solo practice with a waitlist to a full private-pay group practice. She shared her insight on developing a niche and solid referral sources, as well as how to balance giving back to the community through work with local churches and non-profits.

Topics covered include: Group practice, business planning, group culture, abundance mindset.

More Than a Waitlist -- Clinical Outcomes Transformed

Lauran from Orlando joined Business School in 2018 as she was starting out in private practice. She not only grew a full solo practice with a waitlist but also expanded into a group practice and transformed her clinical outcomes... and she's now teaching what she learned to her employees! It wasn't just time that made her better; it was the lessons she applied to her own business from Business School!

Topics covered include: Outcomes conversations, clinical outcomes, marketing, group practice, solo practice.

By submitting the form above, you consent to sign up for the zynnyme email list and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

FAQs - Business School for Therapists

Where and When Does Business School Happen?

Business School for Therapists is WORLDWIDE. You can access your modules from anywhere with internet, at any time. The schedule for the Working Sessions is above. Click here to view the schedule. We've worked with clinicians all over the world in big cities and small rural areas. We have success stories from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and the countries keep coming in.

How Much Personal Attention Will I Get?

No worrying about “waiting your turn” to ask a question. In an online environment, you can post all of your questions, as you have them! And, during live Working Sessions that happen 4 weeks a year, we'll answer every single question that you ask!

Wait, Is There Time with Kelly & Miranda?

Absolutely! Besides making sure that our training is spot-on doing exactly what you need any time you log on, 365 days a year, we're with you for the Working Sessions that occur twice a year for two weeks each time!

Do You Cover [Fill in the Blank]?

Is the question about the business of private practice? Yep. We cover it. Is it about how to integrate your business and clinical work to make sure your business aligns clinically? Yep, we cover it.

Is it out of our scope talking about taxes, financial planning, legal structure, or employment law? Those are examples of topics where we brought in someone for an exclusive Q&A or to provide an entire training on that topic for our community, and you can watch the recording any time and anywhere.

What If I Need a Longer Program?

This is a year-long program you can repeat each year. In the Fall and Spring, we run live Working Sessions for two-week periods. We've tested shorter and longer programs and determined that two-week Working Sessions are the sweet spot for a program like this one! We know what works after providing courses for therapists since 2010.

We want people to see a shift in your mindset and business knowledge right away! That doesn't mean Business School for Therapists "ends" after the latest live Working Session or your first year. Our businesses are a lifetime journey, and you have lifetime access to come back and get your questions answered year after year!

Why Video Training?

We believe information without implementation doesn’t make change. Too many times in live trainings people have great ideas and great intentions to implement when they get home. But... they get busy. Or they get home and something that sounded “easy” is actually incredibly confusing and overwhelming!

Click-by-click videos are focused on showing you exactly how to do what we're asking of you! And our supportive private community allows you to post questions and get answers immediately. We also know that logistically getting even 10 therapists anywhere at the same time can be a nightmare.

So, video training allows you to do the bulk of the work at the time of day that works within your life. We also break down our daily training into manageable little bite-sized pieces to make it easy to reference in the future and to help you break up the work into small chunks!

Finally, we want you to be learning skills you can practice on an ongoing basis. Learning a new skill or habit often takes a few times before it becomes second nature. Having videos you can re-watch any time you need to is the best way to help you become confident in your new business and technical skills.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Creating a solid business foundation will save you SO much time, energy, money, and heartache! There are two types of time we ask you to set aside:

  • Weekly: We ask you to put aside 2-4 hours per week to work on your business. Each time you sit down, you'll be able to easily follow our simple roadmap of lessons that transform learning into action and make it clear how to implement changes in your business.
  • Twice a Year for Two-Week Working Sessions: We ask you to carve out 2-4 hours a day for learning and taking action in your business. You'll be getting your questions answered and receiving lots of support in getting your business right where you want it to be.
  • We'll also be asking you to schedule certain tasks on your calendar in the future and to hold those times sacred. Having a thriving business doesn’t need to overtake your life, but it is something you need to give time and attention to just like your relationships!

What If I Have a LOT of Time?

Sometimes you need to build a private practice FAST because you've been laid off, your job is ending in the future, your hours have been cut, or you're burnt out to a crisp and cannot keep doing what you've been doing.

Business School for Therapists will show up for you and pace with you so that you can get things implemented and streamlined ASAP. If you do have LOTS of available time, we recommend limiting yourself to no more than 6 hours a day to avoid burnout, but this program will allow you to go at your own pace!

Are There Additional Costs?

Beyond the basic costs of running a business -- website, phone, practice management system, Excel 2013 or later, etc. -- you WON'T need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to be successful in your business and grow your practice.

We're bootstrappers at our core. We don't see the value in investing a lot of money or going into debt to build a business. We'll teach you what you need to know so you can save money or avoid costs at every possible opportunity.

You WON'T be asked or encouraged to build your practice by investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. In fact, we'll show you how to advertise everywhere for FREE and how to ensure your marketing is leading to new clients before you spend a dime on advertising.

Do You Offer Refunds?

After the first 7 days of enrolling, we don't provide a refund for this program. You'll have instant access to materials. If you go through this course and it doesn't work for you, we want to know so we can work with you to make this a success. We answer every question that's asked during the live Working Sessions, provide individualized reviews of websites and marketing copy, and so much more.

This is also a HIGHLY interactive program and event. We're here for you and will take you where you need to go. Trust us to show up and hold you accountable to your business goals!

Can I See Everything Included in Business School for Therapists?

Of course! We're constantly adding to the program as issues arise (like the No Surprises Act and GFEs). But here's a quick video that scrolls through what's covered in the program. You won't need everything you see right this moment, but you will be happy it's there for you when you do need it!

How Do I Get Started?

Registration is happening NOW. Once you register, you can start the program immediately at your own pace. More information about the schedule can be found here.

Why Do People RAVE About Business School?

Our program will always be about more than just money or a number of clients.

We've developed a program that interweaves the financial and business side of your practice with the clinical perspective. We teach you client-centered and relational marketing techniques that tap into your innate skill at empathizing and caring because at the end of the day you want a business that generates income for you and positive outcomes for your clients.

You'll learn how taking some time to understand your finances and make a business plan will let you be the best possible clinician for your clients. You deserve to have a profitable practice, and clients deserve to have a confident, passionate therapist. This program is for therapists who want to feel more confident, inspired, organized, and accountable for running an inspired, effective, profitable practice.

What if I Don't Have That Much Time?

We've had members that started out working with us when they had 3-4 jobs and were working CRAZY hours. They joined so they could get out of that old dynamic. So, they used our program at their own pace initially to start the habit of carving out time and developed an action plan to build their practices while they dropped one job at a time until they were full-time in practice.

Sometimes that meant they went at a slower pace they could only listen to the videos during their commutes, or they could only do an hour a day during a Working Session. But they kept up with one of our mantras of "progress, not perfection." Sometimes it meant scheduling some vacation days during the Working Sessions to give them some breathing room. They found what worked for them.

And guess what? Before they knew it, they were in full-time private practice.

How Often Is Business School for Therapists Held?

We host LIVE Working Sessions for the Business School community every Spring and Fall to support you and your business. And once you're a member, you have LIFETIME ACCESS!

Is Business School Worth the Investment?

Here's a video with a little excerpt of Business School for Therapists alumni sharing their stories and their advice for other therapists in practice about the value of the program. They were once reading through all of this information and wondering if it was worth the risk, too.

The leap into Business School for Therapists completely changed their lives, and they aren't shy about telling others how valuable it is!

What Is Lifetime Access?

For as long as we offer the program, you get access to everything including updated materials, all live Working Sessions, Q&As with Private Practice Experts Kelly + Miranda, and more! You get to ask unlimited questions twice a year, get updates on all future materials, and will be able to access the material year-round.

Will This Really Help My Practice?

Every situation is different. The amount of internal and external change needed to get to the practice of your dreams depends on many factors. We try to share stories from therapists where change was immediate, as well as those where things took a bit longer.

We can't make any guarantees, except that if you do nothing, things WILL stay the same (or even get worse). And we promise that with each Working Session, we'll work together to help you get clarity on what needs to shift and change so you can reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do You Have More Business School Success Stories?

We wish we could convey how many success stories we have in our vault. We've been doing this for a LONG time. We have hundreds of stories out there in various forms: video interviews, testimonials, and written blogs. Click here to see additional success stories we've featured on our blog from fabulous Business School alumni. We LOVE to celebrate their success and the way they're showing up for their communities!

Time to Make a Decision!

Is this what you need right now? If it is, don’t put it off. Get started and feel the relief that comes from stepping into taking action in your business! Are there other questions we haven't covered? Schedule a 15-minute interview here so we can make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.


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What If I'm Not in the United States?

Developing a Sustainable Group Practice in Canada

Kris from Canada came to us with a group practice that didn't have a strong foundation. Everyone was seeing a lot of clients, but the culture, hiring practices, and processes needed an entire overhaul. She was able to rebuild a strong foundation, create a culture and processes that really work, and make a great income while getting her life balance back in order. Thanks to Business School for Therapists, she's been able to accumulate 6 figures of profits into savings alone.

But I just need a marketing plan!

I don't need the entire program.

Here's the truth: No matter how great your marketing is, if you have money blocks, lack a business plan, and don't have rock-solid processes, then your income and clinical outcomes will suffer.

(Oh, and all our modules build on each other, so during Modules 1-5, you're working on marketing in bite-size pieces along the way!)

Is Now the Time to Focus on My Practice?

Right now is a scary time to make a decision, we get it. We both started our cash-pay private practices during the Great Recession, and we had a LOT of reasons (and people) telling us it wasn't possible.

And then, when we were successful, those same people came asking for advice or expressing their frustration that they'd not made a change. We have consistently surveyed our community members and asked them, "When do you wish you had done this program?" What do they say? I wish I'd known all of this from the beginning. I think they should start teaching all of this in graduate school!

But right now, more than ever, you need guidance and support to make sure your business is rock-solid. And not because doom and gloom are around the corner, but because people need us MORE than ever. Not to mention that you're going to need a practice that can sustain and really take care of you and your family. This isn't just your calling; this is your profession and your livelihood. It's okay to be supported by this work!

I'm Ready, But My Partner, Spouse, or Family Member Isn't So Sure.

Rebecca's spouse was NOT on board and thought this was WAY too much

She built her practice from the ground up using Business School for Therapists and now has expanded into a group practice.

Her husband now says he'd go back and support that sign-up for the program a thousand times over!

When you're sure, it will help them to be sure!

Explore the case studies and explore your own process. Only you know what trainings you need to make your business viable and impactful. Your partner needs you to have a successful business and to come home with energy for them and your life together.


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Rotating white arrows on pink background

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What happens if you enroll and decide this program is NOT for you? All you have to do is send an email to and request a refund within 7 days of enrolling in the program. We'll refund your money no questions asked!

Disclaimer: You have to make change to experience change. Each person's story, practice, and needs are different. Our program is designed to be flexible, but that does not guarantee any particular outcome or financial return. We can guarantee that if you don't make change or do anything different, your situation probably will not change. The majority of our clients report wishing they had done this earlier. Lifetime access is available to everyone unless you are mean, rude, or demeaning to our community. We protect our space to provide you with the safety you need and desire.

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