Attention Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Healers

You Take Care of Your Clients, but Who Is Taking Care of You and Your Private Practice?

They didn't teach about business in grad school. It's no wonder we're the worst paid graduate degrees. There's a better way, and that better way leads to better clinical outcomes, better income, and more time for life.

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What Is Business School Bootcamp For Therapists?

Business School Bootcamp is a year-long, super-powerful, online business training system + community that helps therapists (like you) learn EVERYTHING you need to know about running a successful private practice focused on serving clients and getting amazing outcomes in the real world. (You know, all the stuff you wish they had taught you in grad school!)

The Business School Bootcamp program is developed around the way that therapists just like you make the best progress possible. It is the perfect mix of concise teaching on what works, coaching, a built-in community, personal accountability, and time to pause, reflect, and then take a deeper dive into making more progress!  

Unlike generic business coaches, we are therapists ourselves, and have run our own successful practices! Everything we teach is specifically geared toward therapists, social workers, coaches, and other healing professionals. From how to structure a specifically therapy-centric business model to the legal nitty-gritty, you learn everything you NEED to know and nothing more.  

Because, seriously, who has time to learn stuff they don’t need? Not therapists, that’s for sure!

So how does all of this deep change happen? We break the mold that says that you are supposed to learn everything you need to be a great business owner, a great private practice therapist, a great marketer, a great employer in a few weeks or months. This is a lifetime program that will create BIG change in a short period of time (if you allow it to).

AND, there is time to continue to learn, grow, develop, and share your triumphs inside of an amazing community from around the world!

Who Are We?

Hey! Kelly + Miranda here. We’re two therapists who have built successful, low-stress, highly passionate cash-pay private practices. Miranda even created her practice during the recession, and Kelly built hers in an area supersaturated with therapists. Now we are passionate about helping other therapists, all over the world, do the EXACT. SAME. THING.  


Well, we got into therapy because we liked helping people, but we struggled to find reliable information to help build our practices. There were trainings out there, but they were either outdated or not applicable to us. It felt like this content was one-size-fits-all. (And we know how well one-size-fits-all shirts tend to look!)

Business School Bootcamp for Therapists began because we know, firsthand, that getting the business side of your practice on track will make you an even better therapist. We spent years putting our souls into this program, compiling the most useful information, and creating fool-proof procedures to help you succeed.  

We believe deeply in the work you're doing and want to help you do it even better (and with less stress and struggle.) We coach not for the money but because we truly feel called to do this work.  

We love to have fun and laugh and try not to take life too seriously. What we truly love about our work is helping therapists like you fulfill their purpose, be the best clinician they can be, and change the lives of each client they reach. (It makes us misty-eyed.)

  • You help me find my strengths, develop them, and flesh them out and you definitely give more in education, availability, knowledge, and ethical practices than the cost to us."  
  • Working with you [two] is an effective and deep combination of "You are good enough" and "Get S*** Done!" I feel like you hold my hand when I am too scared to step on the field...but still walk me to it and then cheer while I win the gameby myself." 
  • Working with either of you for even an hour is like taking a hundred hours of coursework/experience and condensing it into a manageable, doable bite! ❤️"  

How Is This Different From ALL the Other Courses?

When we started developing online courses for therapists back in 2008, there was very little out there for therapists. Your options included a teleconference, getting a book down at the local Border's Bookstore, or asking a friend. We started developing the course that WE wanted, needed, searched for, and couldn't find. We both spent our hard-earned money on resources that were okay but didn't even remotely cover all the moving parts and pieces of running a successful practice. 

We wanted something different, and we know you do, too.

You want ALL the information you need at your fingertips when you need it, as you need it. You want something that is both big picture planning and nitty-gritty implementing. You want something that meets you where you are at, prepares you for the future, and that lets you know what the future options are to explore and prepare for. You want coaches you can trust, who know their stuff from top to bottom, and colleagues that are kind-hearted that you can connect with, so you have COMMUNITY and CONNECTION as you go through this beautiful journey of aligning your life and your business. 

We have over 200 training videos + over 400 lessons.

No, we don't expect you to watch all of those trainings. We will show you how to pick and choose what your unique business needs when you need it. But know this: whatever might change in the future, you have unlimited access to everything you need to run a successful and happy private practice, whether it is solo or a group, in a rural area or a city, or whether you are a generalist or a super-niched practice.

You need a system that works AND that can be tailored to your unique needs TODAY and can support you if things change in a year (or five) from now

You will get instant access to our entire library of information and one-of-a-kind business planning strategy and approach that is uniquely tailored to you and your practice vision, while also getting LIVE support during our working session and individual feedback from Kelly + Miranda, including reviewing your marketing language for your website, website page reviews, branding reviews, and any and all other questions you ask during the two-week live working sessions. Yes, you read that right: unlimited questions for two weeks at a time, twice a year!

Don't you wish developing your perfect business plan was EASIER?

When you enroll, you will get access to a resource that financial planners and business owners from outside of the therapy world are BEGGING to get access to as part of your enrollment. We have a one-of-a-kind premier business planning tool that will blow your mind, and make the process of choosing your fee, hiring, and budgeting make SO much more sense!

Here's what some of our past attendees are saying!

We have literally HUNDREDS of reviews and testimonials, so you'll see different ones pop up every time you visit this page.

Business School Bootcamp Case Studies:
What Does This Program Do for Therapists Around the World?

People make a LOT of promises about what their course, product, or service will do. But, how do you actually get clarity about what service is right for you among the wealth of available resources?

We survey our community regularly and really care about their outcomes they inform the changes and updates that we make to improve our course. Many of them have been so kind and have asked to share their story. They share not to "sell" Bootcamp but because the stories they watched from other Bootcampers gave them hope and confidence that they could have the kind of practice that they truly desired.

Listen to a few case studies below. Or click here to listen to case studies that match your current stage whether you are already successful, starting from scratch, a group practice, or somewhere in between.

Can Business School Bootcamp for Therapists help during the pandemic?

We get it. This is a stressful time and there is a lot of fear being thrown around. But guess what? You CAN be successful right now. Listen to real therapists share how their practices have and have not been impacted by the economic upheaval, and how Business School Bootcamp made their continued success possible.

Can Bootcamp help me if I have a GROUP PRACTICE (or want to start one)?

The Harpers from Florida went from an insurance-based solo practice to a private pay-based group practice. Yolanda and Shamon joined us from their private pay group counseling practice in Florida to share their growth story. They grew from a private practice that was taking over life on nights and weekends to one that has boundaries, a clear vision, and is successful and sustainable. 


Harper from ZynnyMe on Vimeo.

Can Bootcamp help someone who is already SUCCESSFUL in private pay practice?

Dr. Gary in Los Angeles said "Clinically I feel rejuvenated!" He was a successful therapist who was already private pay and full, looking to see what was next. He was stunned by everything that Bootcamp had to offer to help make his business even more successful.

Can Bootcamp help me start a private practice FROM SCRATCH?

Charlotte from Kentucky started from scratch at 61 years old and was completely full in less than a year using the Bootcamp system. She created a sacred space and practice that fit her needs, which included a barn with horses! "Bootcamp gave me so much connection and support."  She was newly licensed and created a private pay practice that met her unique practice vision.

What If I'm Not in the United States?

Case Studies of Practices From Around The World

Wasn't Sure the Bootcamp Magic Would Work in Ireland

Karina in Dublin, IR came to us to help with an additional stream of income. She was pretty sure that psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in Ireland just weren't valued the way it is in the United States. Despite her fears, she followed the Bootcamp formula, transformed her practice, and began charging a fair fee with confidence. She has now expanded into a group practice with her husband, had two children, and continued her success.

Topics covered include: Overcoming fear, finding your fee, expanding into group practice.

Developing a Sustainable Group Practice in Canada

Kris in Canada: came to us with a group practice that didn't have a strong foundation. They were all seeing a lot of clients, but the culture, hiring practices, and processes needed an entire overhaul. She was able to rebuild a strong foundation, create a culture and processes that really work, and make a great income while getting her life balance back in order. Thanks to Bootcamp, she's been able to put away 6 figures of profits into savings alone.

Topics include: Building a sustainable group practice, finding life balance, charging the right fee.

Starting From Scratch in Australia

Matthew in Melbourne attended our free Masterclass with just a vision of a private practice he wanted to build. He made a plan and enrolled in Business School Bootcamp for Therapists. From there he started to lay his foundation for the practice and specialty that he really wanted. Six weeks after opening he was completely full with 16 clients a week who primarily found him through Google Searches from the website he wrote using Business School Bootcamp for Therapists.

Topics include: Growing from scratch, SEO, finding your niche.

What if I'm an introvert, burnt out, queer, or just don't feel like I fit in the box?

Worked for free for years and built the life and stability she needs to help people deeply

Marca suffered from burnout before they even got licensed. They went from the lowest point to finding the support they needed to create a life that really meets their needs. Marginalization impacted their private practice journey as a queer person from the tribal community. In Bootcamp they found a diverse and welcoming environment where they could grow and create a business that would be sustainable for years to come.

Bootcamp impacted her as an Introvert and Immigrant

Ibi used to hide and feel sick when she talked about her fee and she was fearful of sharing her picture on her website as a woman of color. Bootcamp helped her tap into her Introvert superpowers and find ways of connecting that felt GOOD and helped her create a practice that really meets her needs. Now she feels confident and safe to share her picture on her website and has a full practice.

Was foreign-trained, came to the US, and reclaimed her professional identity

Polina was in Denver, CO going through a divorce and feeling lost, alone, and unsure. Bootcamp changed her life. She wasn't sure at the time how she would come up with the money for Bootcamp, but is so grateful she made it happen. The community and connecting with another foreign-trained Bootcamper made her feel like she belonged and while she wasn't a "perfect student" she STILL found success.

Now she attracts clients that are perfect for her and that fully resonate with the marketing message she wrote via Bootcamp. She is usually almost full and working on finding balance and implementing processes to get to that "full" place.

But I just need a marketing plan!

I don't need the entire Bootcamp!

Here is the truth: No matter how great your marketing is, if you have money blocks, lack a business plan, and don't have rock-solid processes, then your income and clinical outcomes will suffer.

(Oh, and by the way, all of our modules build on each other, so during Modules 1-5, you are working on marketing in bite-size pieces all along the way!)

Need MORE Testimonials?

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