Business School Bootcamp for Therapists

We teach therapists how to create streamlined, profitable private practices so that they can deeply help clients and live the life balance that they teach.

When you join the Business School Bootcamp for Therapists you will learn the skills and strategies that therapists all over the world have implemented to have the profitable, happy, streamlined group and solo practices, that leave them time to live! 

This 12-month, online, highly interactive program contains in-depth learning, templates, video how-tos, dashboards, calculators, and ample time to apply what you learn while receiving best-in-class support and coaching from two private practice experts. 

We run just 2 live sessions each year. The next session starts in April 2020. Join the interest list today, receive our newsletter, and get INSTANT access to our Marketing 101 for Therapists video training to help you grow your client base and spend less time marketing! 

Your Private Practice Experts, Miranda Palmer and Kelly Higdon

Starting from (almost) scratch to a full practice in under 18 months

Lauran from Orlando, FL went from a newly licensed, overworked, burnt out therapist with two sliding scale clients to almost full in less than 14 months. Update: full a few weeks after this was filmed!

Already built a successful practice, moved, and had to start over

Josie in Salt Lake City: "I tried to do what I'd done before to build my practice, and it wasn't working in a new state where I didn't know anyone." From 8-10 clients to waitlist after doing bootcamp.

In successful practice for over 30 years: Clinically I feel rejuvenated!

Dr. Gary Brown in Los Angeles is a successful therapist who was already private pay and full, looking to see what was next. "I'm utterly stunned and amazed. I didn't know what I didn't know."

Starting from scratch and full within a year

Charlotte from Kentucky started bootcamp at 61 years old in 2015. Created a sared space and practice that fit her needs that included a barn with horses! "Bootcamp gave me so much connection and support."

From a "shizzle" show practice to ideal clients in a practice she loves

Kayce in Wake Forest, NC was spending money on the wrong things, was unsure of her niche, and had an ineffective marketing plan that took more work. Went from taking every insurance plan to private pay.

Beyond the Couch: Services Beyond 1:1 Psychotherapy

Nicol in Murietta, CA: "I realized I was running a business. You take from it what you need, and you can keep coming back. I am grateful because I need it all the time."


Harper from ZynnyMe on Vimeo.

Insurance based solo practice to a private pay based group practice

Yolanda and Shamon Harper from Florida had a private practice that was taking over life on nights and weekends, and developed into one that has boundaries, has a clear vision, and is successful.

Tripled her income and became more focused with clients

Karina Melvin from Dublin, Ireland tripled her income and expanded her imagination to develop new business ideas. No longer worried about the business side of things, she can enjoy her clinical work.

Beth from ZynnyMe on Vimeo.

Had a full, successful practice and was ready to leave panels

Beth in Jacksonville, FL joined BSB October 2016. Within a month she earned back all the money she spent on bootcamp with the script of how to handle client calls.

Graduated, and at capacity 6 months after starting her practice

Mollie graduated May of 2017 and was at capacity 6 months after embracing her niche and opening her practice.

Full Within 6 Months: "Take a Leap of Faith and Invest In Yourself" 

Hilary from North Carolina started private practice to have time with her kids. Enrolled April 2018 in the middle of a move, opened doors October 2018, first client within two weeks, March 2019 full with all private pay.  

Prelicensed therapist doubled her caseload and tripled her income

Joanne from San Jose, CA went from working in an agency sitting a windowless cubicle to having a powerful ahah moment after watching the private practice vision training and creating a perfect practice. 

Nyshia from ZynnyMe on Vimeo.

From sitting and "hoping" in a part-time practice to a full practice

Nyshia of VictorVille, CA went from doing good work with clients but wasn't sure how to help them find her, to quickly growing and leaving her other job to go full-time into practice. 2019 Update: She has a group practice now!

Erika from ZynnyMe on Vimeo.

What was a hobby practice is now her own group practice

Erika in Miami, FL won an entry to bootcamp. It changed her life and moved her business from a tax savings to a real income. 2019 Update: She has a thriving group practice!

Nam from ZynnyMe on Vimeo.

Struggling in a prelicensed practice to full of private pay clients

Nam from San Diego had a practice that was like a "bad boyfriend" - she turned it into a healthy relationship that meets her needs and feeds her soul!

Already built a successful practice, moved, and had to start over

Kari Ann in Wethersfield, CT got clear on her identity as a helper, a manager, and a group practice owner. She got clear on her goals and got her life and work in balance. 

Started from scratch and built a practice that served her life 

Kimberly from El Dorado Hills joined bootcamp in Spring of 2015 as she was starting out in private practice. Now, she used the skills, insight, and tools she learned to grow through pregnancy.

From a successful solo practice to a stressless group practice

Robyn from Laguna Hills, CA was avoiding group practice only to find it was easier than she thought once she got started. Hear why she had to make friends with numbers to ease her fears.

Expanded into a group, but didn't see more money coming in

Tiffany from Pennsylvania expanded without running the numbers and was not seeing a change in her salary, but when ZynnyMe came in to "Mary Poppins" her group practice, she doubled her income!

From a 2-person group practice to 13 clinicians and growing

Sherry from Riverside, CA built up her small, two-person group to a powerhouse group practice. Hear how bootcamp impacted the growth and foundation of her group practice.

Why she aims for slow burn in her group practice

Erika from Miami, FL dealt with the struggles of group practice, including a bad hire, and found out what it took to create a sustainable group practice that made sense for her business needs.